SFMedia has been planning, negotiating and doing the advertising for all the major RECORD LABELS and major RECORDING ARTISTS since the 90's. Including Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, The Beatles, Garth Brooks, Florida Georgia Line, Lady Antebellum and many, many more.

 We worked on the advertising for six albums, which are in a small, elite group, that have sold over one million units in their first week of release.


Over 1 million sold in the first week!

Over 1.2 million sold in the first week!

Over 1.2 million sold in the first week!

Over 1.2 million sold in the first week!

Over 1 million sold in the first week!

Over 1 million sold in the first week!


SFMedia has had a long involvement with sports franchises and sports personalities. SFMedia has done the advertising for professional teams, and have used a number of professional athletes as spokespersons for our commercials and documentaries. We work with former NFL Players and Generations Broadcast Center to create the original series: THE EXTRA POINT. We also partnered with Major League Baseball and worked with the Chicago Cubs to produce the documentary CUBS FANS: SUFFERING AND LOVE IN THE WINDY CITY. (It's okay now because the Cubs finally won the World Series in 2016)


Our footprint in healthcare began in the 1980's. We revolutionized the industry by redirecting their image-related advertising, to advertising that brought bottom line results, selling their products and services. The results for our clients have been staggering!

From advertising lithotripsy, laser laparoscopy, physician referrals, maternity, heart centers, eye centers, cancer centers, hospitals, surgery centers, heart scanning centers, bariatrics, individual practices, insurance companies, wound care centers, creating centers of excellence and so much more, to our all time favorite campaign, Thursday's Baby. In 2000 we debuted the first Thursday's Baby, where we featured the first baby born at a hospital on that Thursday and showcased them on Thursday nights, road blocking on all TV channels in the early and late news. Below is our very first Thursday's Baby in 2000.


-Politics: From Congressional to Governorship, to Presidential Campaigns...

-Restaurants: Turning an idea in a city into a major hotspot.

-Hotel Chains, Car Dealerships, Media Outlets, and many, many more...


Generations Broadcast Center started with an idea and has become an online broadcasting network with so many viewing options, which all are original programming. From Amazing Excerpts to Oral Histories to TV Shows, Podcasts, Documentaries and Photos through time.

Preserving the legacy of memory through untold stories from people across time, so that they would never be lost. Dedicated to exploring the rich heritage of tradition, of forgotten moments, unforgettable events in history, heart warming stories, and arduous journeys; Generations Broadcast Center is an anthology of experiences from those who have come before us. It is the common thread of life that connects us all.

The stories we collect are treasured by friends and strangers alike. Among the anecdotes, there are events from World War II experiences, the Great Depression, and life details from every decade, from the 1900s to the present, told by people who lived through the events and times.

Thats our story, WHATS YOUR STORY?